About us

We are all different in backgrounds and expertise. This is our core strength. Still, we fundamentally care about the same principles. These values are what makes that we are the same unique team that stands for the same things no matter the audience.

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We make things happen

A team of doers and makers, we identify the task at hand and just get going. Taking full responsibility from beginning to end, we roll up our sleeves and tangibly improve the business of our customers. 

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We are better together 

The best results are made together. We work closely with our customers, partners and each other, to make the most of every project, and every collaboration. Founded on trust, driven by co-creation. 

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We speak our hearts and minds

Honesty is the best policy, and so we say things as they are. We speak straight, dare to say no and own up to mistakes. By doing so, we create a safe space for our customer, each other and ourselves.

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We go the extra mile 

To us, expectations are set to exceed. No matter the challenge, we make sure we do things better, smarter or refreshingly different every time. 

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We explore new possibilities 

Energized by finding solutions to seemingly unsolvable problems, we are creative and try new things to achieve our goals. We explore the unknown and dare to take the detour, to turn challenges into new possibilities. 

The leadership team

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Ruben van Geffen

Partner – Sales & Customer Success
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Jochem ter Steege

Partner – Alliances & Marketing
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Marjan van den Hurk

Head of Implementation Services
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Konstantinos Ioannou

Head of Solutions & Analytics
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Roland Reffeltrath

Partner – Operations & Finance
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Deen Ertman

Head of Consulting Services

Our Story


Our mission

Making work work better. We rethink, redesign and rebuild a world of work that offers the best to employees, managers and teams. We do so by designing and delivering the most compelling employee experiences and the best possible HR platforms for our customers.


Our passion

Because the most amazing things happen when people are at their best. Offer the right working environment and people are capable of unexpected things. We are immensely fascinated by the question of what the world of work should look like for people to perform, grow and enjoy work together. This is a question that we, together with our customers and partners, formulate answers to every day.

Our team of experts

Our team consists of about 50 professionals, all passionate to continuously improve the world of work. We are HR experts, architects, project managers and developers. Thinkers and doers. All team players aiming to challenge and develop each other and customers we work with.


Partners and solutions we work with every day

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