Project Management & Change

An HR tech project is not just any project.

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Changing HR processes

Changing HR processes affects everybody in the organisation and in most cases impacts important factors like employee engagement and employee satisfaction. And now that almost all leadership teams prioritise culture, employee engagement and development of their people, HR projects are often mission critical. This makes effective HR project management more important than ever. To execute successfully you need to create a project plan that covers timelines, scope, costs, and identifies all stakeholders for sure, but because HR transformation affects peoples working lives so directly, communication is everything.

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HR Project managers

HR Project managers have an incredibly complex assignment, one that blends organisational skills, an analytical mind, and adept interpersonal abilities. It is of vital importance to create a common language between all different stakeholders involved. Not only the direct project members should have an accurate overview of the project’s status, also you want to frequently update leadership on how your team is progressing with work and continuously explain ‘the why’ of your project towards your users.

In HR projects collaboration with other departments for IT, marketing, or business intelligence tasks is a definite success factor. This makes that an effective HR project manager not only should know about recruitment, learning & development, or performance management processes, he should be able to be a fully-fledged partner for other specialists in your company. Our digital HR project managers are HR domain experts who live and breath change. If you want to realize your HR roadmap fast, effective and with big impact, let’s talk.