In HR still a lot of valuable time is lost manually entering data in systems and manually pulling it out again to build reports. Automating processes and integrating your HR data allows your people to focus on adding real strategic HR value.

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HR Integrations

Low value data-entry tasks not only are a massive time waster, also they trigger errors, cause slow onboarding of new employees and expose your organisation to compliance issues. Connecting your systems and integrating content create a user experience that flows.

HR Data Connectors

We connect whatever tool you use for HR and other processes to seamlessly synchronise employee profiles, job ads, payroll, files and much more. Using a wide rage of pre-build components we connect systems and deliver the right data at the right time to make your processes flow.

Learning Content Connectors

Vendors like Coursera, LinkedIn and GoodHabitz offer a great content and remote classrooms for employee training. However, you want to maintain a unified learner experience and centrally manage your training analytics. We simplify your learning journey by seamlessly integrating content and learning data into your LMS or LXP.

Integration Hosting

You look for a simple, low-code way for your HR apps to connect seamlessly with internal or external software services. We know how connected people processes are and know how to integrate them. We have connected an ever-growing list of HR solutions making data available where it is needed.

WOW Integration Platform

Our WOW-integration platform is your remote platform for smart HR integrations. It provides a secure method to build, and host packaged end-to-end integrations and cloud connectors that can be deployed in a matter of days. We guarantee the highest service levels and the best possible support desk.

Integration Support

We offer affordable plans for powerful integrations. We don’t just develop and deploy. We understand that your HR processes aren’t static, they change and improve over time. We make sure your integration stays aligned with your business processes by adding fields, renewing logic, etc. Our integrations breathe with your business.