Strategy and design

There has never been a greater opportunity for HR to shape the company's future. Together with you we design an HR function that suits your structure and your culture and sets you up for growth.

Ruben is an HR specialist at worldofwork, offering HR strategy and design services.
Optimising the employee experience at organisations.

Employee Experience & People Processes

From hire to exit we optimize your organisation’s employee experience and identify where to streamline and automate processes.

Employee Journey Mapping

We visually map how employees interact with the company and its processes. This clarifies roles and identifies essential moments that matter to your employees and create the best possible world of work.
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People Process Analyses & Improvement

With a clear employee journey, we optimize individual HR processes. Breaking free from silos, departments and static roles we streamline processes and blueprint your future HR operation.
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We work with your users, HR and IT experts to define the blueprint of your future HR functionality and integrations.

Architecture & HR Blueprinting

We work with your users, HR and IT experts to define the blueprint of your future HR functionality and integrations.

HRIS Architecture

Do you need that single software solution that is ‘everything to everyone’? Or is a combination of connected best-of-breed solutions a better match? We design a robust HRIS architecture that helps you to select the software solutions and integrations that suit you best.
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HR Solution Quick-scan

Your current HR solution is not necessarily in need of replacement. You might be surprised what is possible with quick refresh of your system set-up. We tell you what more return your current software investments can offer and where innovation is required.
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Solution Selection

It not easy to sift through the marketing and sales hypes in the world of HRTech. Choosing right is about a detailed understanding of what your organization needs, independent thinking, and asking the right questions.

International HR & Talent Management

We know like no other how to describe your HR uses cases and how to put together a shortlist of relevant solution vendors to choose from. Together we rank and pick the tools that provenly can bring you from idea to reality and guide your team through the RfP process.
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Public Tenders

For public institutions choosing and buying software and services is a profession in itself. We have years of experience in managing public tenders for our customers and now how to make this cycles effective and fully compliant
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