Employee Experience & People Processes

Everybody on your team agrees; a positive employee experience makes happy employees, which not only builds a stronger work culture, but also impacts the company’s performance. To became a great place to work you want to give on-site and remote workers access to the information and processes they need to be engaged and productive.

working together with HR teams to optimise employee experience and people processes

HR People Processes

But where to begin? No other business process is more intertwined with so many different business functions than HR processes. A new employee needs to connect with the IT department for a device or software licenses he needs. Questions around payroll or compensation are handled by the Finance department. Advertising of jobs on the company website is handled by the marketing team.

Improving employee experience

To fundamentally improve the world of work offered to employees and management we work with HR teams to map out end-to-end employee journeys and detailed HR processes. This helps to better understand the different stages that employees go through during their employment lifecycle and which moments in the lifecycle of an employee really make the difference. On a more detailed level it sets out clear expectations and responsibilities to the employee as well as to supporting actors like managers, HR, etc.

a positive employee experience impacts the performance of the organisation

Optimizing processes

In an interactive workshop we rationalise and optimize your HR processes identifying what the employee is trying to achieve, what the barriers are and how the process connects to other parts of the organisation. This enables your HR team to automate and digitise in way that truly makes the life of employees and the company’s leadership better.