Public tender HR

Is your the deadline of the Public Tender for your HR-software platform nearby? Or do you need a complementary solution for a specific HR field, such as Learning or Recruitment? Start at least a year in advance for a smooth transition to a new HR system with associated new way of working.

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Procurement HR Systems

If the organisation for which you work is obliged to tender in accordance with the Public Procurement Act and the tender period expires within a year, it is now time to take action. December next year may sound a long way off, but unfortunately a tender for an HR system takes a lot of time. And not unimportantly, if a supplier other than the current supplier comes out of the tender, then you also want to have the time to do the implementation successfully. On average, this takes 6 months, of which 3 months for shadow payroll (compare results from old with new system based on your workforce).

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Tender execution

For the execution of the HR tender, you can take into account a lead time of about 5 months. This concerns the entire process of drawing up a Program of Requirements, drawing up and supervising use cases, the assessment of the registrations and guidance of the choice. Our advice is to complete the selection process before the summer break so that the project team can quietly go on holiday before the hectic implementation begins. The worldofwork™  consulting team can help you with this:

  • Project leader public tender HR - If you do not have the required capacity internally (approx. 2 days a week) and/or sufficient knowledge of the market, you can hire an experienced HR project manager with knowledge of tendering.
  • Quick-scan tendering – If you still have doubts about when or whether you need a new HR system, you can also have a quick-scan carried out by worldofwork™ in preparation for a tender.
  • Business case or Plan of Approach - If you need a business case to inform the board and/or free up budget, we can help you with a substantiated advice on which a decision can be made.
  • Process optimization - Or do you have such a decentralized organization with many stakeholders spread over multiple locations, which means that more time is needed to get in line about the desired way of working and associated requirements for the HR system? Then it isadvisable to start by standardizing and optimizing the HR processes.