About Innocent

Innocent produces small drinks and has big dreams. As a certified B Corp it is their mission to make the world a better and healthier place. The company aims to be completely climate neutral by 2030 and donates 10% of their profits to charitable causes. Since their establishment in 1999, responsible entrepreneurship has been at the core of everything Innocent does.

Innocent also upholds these values as an employer, making it their top priority to ensure their employees are well-compensated and careers can flourish.

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The challenge

Getting more control over salary runs and avoiding errors and corrections later

Innocent was looking for a payroll solution that would give them complete control over salary runs. The payroll provider Innocent used thus far was difficult to navigate because intermediary service providers were needed. The salary runs were always carried out on a tight schedule, requiring a lot of manual intervention triggering a relatively large number of errors. Each salary run resulted in a flood of phone calls and emails due to incorrect payments or errors on employees' pay slips. Correcting these mistakes afterwards was time-consuming and frustrating, leading to a decreased employee trust.

The payroll solution

On behalf of worldofwork™, Paul Koopmanschap joined Innocent to brainstorm about the best solution. Together, they selected and implemented Phocus as their new payroll provider.

"Paul has experience in factory environments and understands the processes of working in shifts like no other. He has guided many system implementations, which is why he knows exactly what needs to be done."
Maryanne Wolbertus, People Operations Specialist at Innocent

The Selection

worldofwork™ analysed the organisational structure of Innocent, mapped out current payroll processes, the average number of mutations, and the time it took to process them. Based on this, a list of requirements and preferences was created. The new provider had to meet several criteria, including:

  • Being located in the Netherlands;
  • Knowing Dutch laws and regulations, including payroll, security, and data protection (GDPR);
  • Having a direct point of contact accessible by phone and email.

worldofwork™ presented the results to the Innocent management, recommending two payroll providers for demo rounds. Phocus best met the requirements, particularly because of the various service levels they offer. This makes it easier for Innocent to adjust and maintain control over service levels and costs.

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The Implementation

Once Phocus was selected, the implementation process started. Time was the biggest challenge because Innocent wanted to have the new payroll platform up and running before the new year. However, obtaining data from the previous provider proved difficult, and communication was challenging. As a result, Innocent had to search for a lot of data themselves.

As an additional service, worldofwork™ created a payroll manual for Innocent to enable Innocent HR to easily execute payroll runs and embed expertise within their organization. This makes payroll tasks less dependent on specific individuals and more easily transferable.

"Paul provided us with advice and took on many operational tasks himself, such as researching and providing data, comparing pay slips, and communicating with the payroll provider. It was great that we could rely on him during busy periods when I had to focus on regular tasks and had little time to help him."
Maryanne Wolbertus, People Operations Specialist at Innocent

The Result

Phocus is now implemented, and the first salary runs were recently executed. Even all the changes that typically make a first salary run of a new year particularly challenging (new year, raises, bonuses, etc.) went smoothly in one go.

The new payroll solution gives Innocent more control over the payroll process. Data is exported from the HR system Dayforce to the payroll software Nmbrs, from which Phocus specialists carry out the payroll processing. Innocent can make changes and immediately see if everything is correct on the paychecks. This provides more flexibility and time to make adjustments and process mutations in an earlier stage.

Employees now receive a notification that their paycheck is available and can view it directly in the new user-friendly portal. The pay slip amount is accurate, providing peace of mind and trust.

The result: a correct amount on every employee's paycheck, creating more peace of mind and faith.

The Next Step

Innocent now has a solid foundation for further development of the payroll system. A logical next step will be to build out integrations between the systems. So far, data delivery from Dayforce has mostly been done manually. By adding a tool, for example, that automatically retrieves data from Dayforce, this process can be automated on the near future.

"I believe it is one of the key strengths of worldofwork™ to support customers with consulting as well as actual delivery. Payroll administration employees are always busy. So I do as much work as possible during the system implementation. What am I most proud of? The happy faces after the first run in the new system!"
Paul Koopmanschap, Digital HR Consultant worldofwork™