When implementing a new HR or Talent Management solution you want to start small, think big and act fast. We deliver working software prototypes within days and engage your users right from the start of the project. HR software projects with a very human touch, that’s the way we do it!

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Platform Delivery & Technical Integration

We are a widely recognized implementation & integration partner for a set of market leading HR & Talent Management vendors like Cornerstone OnDemand, Talentsoft & SmartRecruiters.

Configuration & Deployment

Your HR solution of choice offers all the features you need. However, setting up the system in line with your way of working is the key to your success. From discovering detailed process requirements to a successful go-live of your new platform; our specialists support your teams all the way.
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Technical integration

Another HR tool, the ActiveDirectory holding user accounts, a Finance system; you already have technology in place. We design and deliver integration of your HR solution into your existing IT landscape. Working closely with your in-house IT team we optimize the data integration and create a seamless flow of data between systems.
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Project Management & Change

HR professionals are leading the workplace revolution. And HR projects aren’t just about hitting timelines and budget objectives. Changing HR typically impact everybody in the organisation.

HR Project Management

Successfully changing the nature of your HR requires a project manager who is proactive from the get-go, understands the dynamics of HR and brings the energy to engage your users. Our HR project managers combine deep HR expertise with agile HRTech project management skills making them the best in the industry.
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Change Management

Implementing a new HR tool needs more than simply setting it up and telling employees to just start using it. The most important part is getting people to fully adopt your new way of working. Our change specialists built effective change management teams to achieve what you aim for: maximum business impact.
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User Adoption & Support

In software, like in e-commerce, one bad customer service experience can make you swear off a product forever. Good customer service however makes you a fan. Offering outstanding user-support is key to your project’s long-lasting success.

Remote System Administration

Your HR platform needs ongoing ownership after go-live. HR solution vendors constantly make improvements and introduce new features to enhance user experience and “keep up with the times”. Our remote system administration service helps you manage upgrades, introduce new features to users fast and make your implementation a true business-improver.
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Now that you are live with your new HR platform, it is the know-how of your team members that needs a boost. We offer custom software training cycles based on your specific system set-up and deliver fully branded training materials like ‘how-to’ videos and quick reference cards to effectively engage less frequent users like managers or HR Business Partners.
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