About Jumbo

For more than 100 years Jumbo has been pursuing the same goal: the best groceries every day. Jumbo wants their customers to enjoy doing their shopping. It should turn a daily obligation into a bit of a party. They make tasty and healthy food easy and accessible for everyone. Always with an eye for people, animals and the environment. Can it be more efficient, can it be healthier, can it be more fun for their customers? As a supermarket company, they are at the heart of society and they work together on now for later.

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The challenge

“Streamline our Talent Management & Learning processes for all our 100.000+ employees”

Jumbo is a Dutch retail giant that really tries to bring their employees together around their corporate culture. As typical for the retail sector, employees come and go on a continuous basis. They deal with a lot of young employees, part-timers, temporary staff, etc. Yet, Jumbo aims to have everybody deliver the same commitment and quality to their customers. Therefore learning content for hygiene instructions, safety and to really digest the Jumbo values is offered to everybody through Jumbo’s Learning Management System, Talentsoft. The Jumbo learning system should be accessible and intuitive for every employee, also the ones working on the floor in the Jumbo branches. And, for purposes of management reporting and compliance, Jumbo needs aggregated learning analytics to track their learning operations. This is where worldofwork™ comes in.  

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The solution with TalentSoft

worldofwork™ set off to optimize administrative learning processes that are currently in place between Jumbo Academy and several suppliers of (classroom) learning content. We designed and delivered automated data transfer between systems in house by Jumbo L&D vendors and the core L&D platform that Jumbo has in place. This eliminated double data entry, boost the user experience and significantly improved data quality and management reporting. Also worldofwork™ delivers ongoing support services to Jumbo on the Talentsoft environment. These remote system admin services hold continuous configuration improvements, processing of newly released functionality, and swift responses to employee questions.

The result

With automation in place for training attendance, scheduling, and collection of training output the Jumbo Academy saves a lot of manual data entry work. The overall asset ownership of the Jumbo LMS has been significantly improved by making deep Talentsoft product expertise available to the Jumbo users on request. This allows Jumbo to drive an innovative learning roadmap going forward.

‘’The worldofwork™ consultants know every corner of the Talent Management solution we use. Not only they provide system services, they also transfer expertise to our in-house team continuously’’

Hedwig Klarenbeek, Manager HR Analytics & Services for Jumbo