Otherside at Work

As a leader in Leave Management and Employee Wellbeing, Otherside at Work revolutionizes organizational strategies with XpertSuite, an industry-leading solution. At worldofwork™, we are a go-to Otherside at Work implementation and project management partner. Our expert team excels in offering tailored consulting and software services to make customers get the best value out of their Leave Management processes. We are dedicated to enhancing your experience with the software, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your Leave Management and Employee Wellbeing goals.

Implementation management

Specializing in Otherside at Work Implementation, worldofwork™ seamlessly integrates XpertSuite into your HR business processes. Our implementation services are designed to optimize your leave management processes, aligning them with bespoke solutions for your unique employee wellbeing needs. With certified project managers and implementation specialists, we guarantee to maximize the potential of XpertSuite in your Leave Management and Employee Wellbeing initiatives from day one.

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Training Services

Beyond mere software functionality, effective Leave Management and Employee Wellbeing are about nurturing a culture that values employee wellbeing and engagement. Our Otherside at Work training services, specifically crafted for XpertSuite, are aimed at creating this environment. We offer comprehensive, skill-level tailored training programs for both system administrators and users, focusing on maximizing the adoption and effective utilization of the solution in your organization.


Ongoing Support and Optimization

Ensuring the continuous effectiveness of your Leave Management technology involves constant support and optimization. As a leading partner in Otherside at Work support, worldofwork™ provides both remote and on-site assistance and system admin services. Our remote administration services are designed to keep your systems up-to-date, introducing new features efficiently, thus enhancing your overall business performance with the software.


Custom Data Integration and Analytics

Proper integration is key to a seamless Leave Management experience. Our expertise in Otherside at Work custom data integration and analytics ensures a smooth connection between XpertSuite and your existing data frameworks and systems. Whether it's integrating leave records or synchronizing HR data, our solutions streamline your management processes effectively. Discover the full range of integration and analytics solutions we offer for this software.

Our team

The Otherside at Work team consists of several roles with broad experience. Our team includes technical integration specialists, configuration consultants, interim project leads, implementation leads, and learning & development specialists.

Implementation Lead

The Implementation Lead oversees the entire project, from project management and change management to detailed configuration, training, and handover to administrators and key users. Ideal for clients desiring a comprehensive partner for their implementation needs.

Interim Project Manager

Clients who maintain project control but require a knowledgeable project manager will benefit from our Interim Project Manager. This role ensures timely and efficient project execution with expert insight into the system.

Configuration Specialist

For those managing change and project management internally, our certified Otherside at Work consultant delivers specialized system configuration and optimization. This role supports clients needing focused setup and refinement without external project management involvement.