As a pioneer in Recruitment, Talent Acquisition, and Applicant Management technology, SmartRecruiters is redefining how organizations attract and manage talent, driving industry-leading solutions. worldofwork™ has been a trusted SmartRecruiters implementation and integration partner for over a decade. Our team of more than 20 SmartRecruiters experts offers customized consulting and software services, finely tuned to help you leverage the full potential of the software capabilities in the recruitment landscape.

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Implementation Management

At worldofwork™, we specialize in seamlessly integrating the software into your recruitment workflows. From establishing efficient applicant tracking systems to creating tailored solutions for your specific hiring needs, our team ensures that your recruitment and talent acquisition strategy is perfectly aligned with your organizational goals. Our certified project managers and implementation service specialists are dedicated to unlocking the complete potential of SmartRecruiters for Recruitment and Talent Acquisition from day one.

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Training Services

Effective recruitment and talent acquisition involve more than just software functionality; it's about building a culture that values talent at every stage. Our training services, designed specifically for SmartRecruiters, do just that. We offer comprehensive training programs for both system administrators and end-users at all skill levels, delivering custom courses that enhance the adoption of recruitment, talent acquisition, and applicant management tools within your organization.


Ongoing Support and Optimization

Maximizing the effectiveness of your recruitment technology requires continuous support post-implementation. Whether remote or on-site, your users expect top-notch support for your recruitment platform. As SmartRecruiters continually enhances its platform to improve user experience and adapt to changing recruitment trends, our remote system administration service helps you manage upgrades, swiftly introduce new features to users, and transform your implementation into a significant business enhancer.


Custom Data Integration and Analytics

For a seamless recruitment journey and to integrate recruitment processes into daily operations, your system needs proper integration. Our expertise in Custom Data Integration and Analytics effortlessly connects the software with your existing data sources. Whether it’s integrating candidate information into your recruitment system, synchronizing applicant data for efficiency, or setting up a simple data feed to streamline applicant management; we handle it all. Connect with us to discover the integrations and analytics solutions for SmartRecruiters we offer.

Our team

The SmartRecruiters team consists of several roles with broad experience. Our team includes technical integration specialists, configuration consultants, interim project leads, implementation leads, and learning & development specialists.

Implementation Lead

Our Implementation Lead takes charge of the entire implementation process, including project management, change management, system setup, training, and administrator transition. This role is suited for clients seeking a partner to fully manage their SmartRecruiters implementation.

Interim Project Manager

For clients controlling the project but needing an expert project manager, our Interim Project Manager ensures comprehensive project oversight and execution, drawing on deep system expertise.

Configuration Specialist

When clients handle change and project management themselves, our certified SmartRecruiters consultant focuses on accurate system configuration and optimization. This role is ideal for clients requiring precise setup and adjustments without external project management.